Things I Don’t Need at My Work Desk

This morning one of my coworkers approached me asking if I had any white-out to spare. This caught me off guard because I don’t believe I’ve used white-out since junior high, and even then I always made more of a mess than was worth it. So I searched my work desk and, lo and behold, I do have one of those 3M white-out tape dispensers! Admittedly, I’m not good at using those either (for some reason, only half of the white tape comes of for me and the I end up with seven layers of tape to hide one written error). But this got me thinking—what other things do I have at my desk that I don’t use?

1. Rubber bands. Granted, I could definitely use rubber bands on some of my large projects with many, many stacks of paper, but I’m somehow always in the midst of the project and prefer to segment it with binder clips, assuring myself that I will remove those and use a rubberband when I’m done. This hasn’t happened yet.

2. A temporary tattoo that says “Break Cancer” from a work fundraisera couple years ago. I’m not sure why I keep it around but it seems rude to toss it.

3. My IWU mug. Though I love my heavy alma matter mug, I already have another mug holding my pens, pencils, and highlighters. I still haven’t used the IWU mug at work, but I keep it as a conversation peice. No conversations have been started based on this mug.

4. My “Sex and the City” miniposter. I hung it as decoration when I first came to the company, but now it just seems odd.

5. My Lily Pulitzer “stuck on you” post-it notes. I bought them on sale at a TJ Maxx and fell in love with their design. Too bad they don’t stick. (I don’t blame the brand… I just assume the glue is old).

6. Tape. I have a large tape dispenser but don’t really have a place to use the tape. Maybe on the unsticky sticky notes.

Today’s nail polish:


China Glaze—Paper Chasing. Very appropriate…


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