Best Things I Discovered While Living in Chicago

One year ago today I moved to Chicago. And although I’ll be moving back to the suburbs in a couple short weeks, I’ve had an incredible year enjoying the Ram and the wonderful city life.

Here’s a list of some of my fave discoveries and realizations:

1) Kuma’s Corner. Holy yum. However the wait/crowd makes it hard to get a seat, so Kuma’s II is a great plan B. Also, order the banana bread beer!

2) Driving AGGRESSIVELY. If you don’t turn on red, you don’t turn.

3) The Korean Cinnamon and Caramel softserve at BellyShack.

4) Frushi. Available at Orange, this delightful dish is fruit sushi.

5) There is a burlesque theater down the road that does parodies of box office hits, such as a “Star Wars: A Nude Hope” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Boob.” I haven’t gone yet but just knowing that it exists is fantastic.

6) Nothing beats the fireworks from a tall Chicago rooftop. 18 displays at once? No problem.

7) Lyft is a pretty awesome service, once you stop thinking that it is creepy.

8) Girl and the Goat. Best food I EVER ate. Hands down, no doubt. I’ve heard there is a 3 month wait list so it helps to have connections. Seeing that I’m no longer dating my connection, I might never get to eat there again.

And as a bonus….

9) Sometimes you think the bus is stopping but it’s really at a red light. Do not panic. (Maybe not the best thing I discovered but probably the most embarassing.)


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