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I’m back! Who knows why I have been silent on the blogosphere for so long, but I’m back and ready to share random lists with you!

I’m a Twitter addict (@LoganMer). Not only do I compulsively check my Twitter feed on the computer and on my phone, I actually have two Twitter accounts. As a member of the social media committee for work I maintain a professional account that covers news, business and the accounting world. But my main account which I’ve had for about 3 and a half years is all for the fun stuff. I thought it would be neat to share some of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow, in no particular order.

Image Bethenny Frankel, The Original Skinnygirl, @Bethenny

Sample Tweet: “It all starts out so perfectly when they’re little & now we’re sharing ravioli out of a box from 7 eleven.”

Why I love her: I’ve been a Bethenny fan since her Real Housewives days. She always was my favorite for a multitude of reasons. While her personality is brash to some, I think she’s a breath of fresh air. On Twitter she is constantly replying to her followers (including yours truly!) and shares a good variety of information. Whether it be information on her new products or talk show, health advice, or just gems like the one above, I always enjoy reading her tweets.

Image Entertainment Weekly, @EW

Sample tweet: “‘New Girl’: Merritt Wever to return for two episodes

Why I love them: I follow all the entertainment accounts (E!, Us Weekly, etc) but EW is my favorite. Their focus isn’t celebrity gossip; it’s bringing you the latest in entertainment. I love reading their recaps of tv shows and their coverage of every major entertainment event. I’m also a loyal subscriber to their magazine.

ImageGlamour Magazine, @glamourmag

Sample Tweet: “Yes, it’s perfectly normal for Kate Middleton (and all other new moms!) to have a tummy just after giving birth.

Why I love them: Again, I follow a fair share of magazines. But Glamour hits the right stride with a good balance of everything I love. Hair/beauty/fashion tips, opinion pieces on pop culture, informative articles, etc etc.

Image Muggle Hustle, @MuggleHustle

Sample Tweet: “Henceforth, a group of “100 Dementors” will be known as a Douche of Dementors. Tell your friends.”

Why I love him: This guy had never read the Harry Potter books before, and hustled his way through them while hilariously tweeting his thoughts and reactions. Although he’s finished reading the series, he is moving on to the movies. Plus you can access all of the tweets through his website, 

Image Very British Problems, @SoVeryBritish

Sample Tweet: “Thinking you might give the “Royal Baby: Live from the Lindo Wing” DVD a miss”

Why I love them: Well, I love all things British. I think this is self-explanatory.

Image Public Accounting, @stuffpubacctsay

Sample Tweet: “”Nope. Sorry. Can’t. I have to work.” -My response to every invitation during #busyseason #publicaccounting

Why I love them: Not to be annoying but I will disclose the fact that I do indeed love my job. That being said, some days are better than others and I do have a 4 month period of time that tends to, well, suck. This account tweets funny and spot on ups and downs of being in the public accounting profession.

Image A Multitude of theater folk and musicals, i.e. @PippinMusical

Sample Tweet: “Admit it… you’ve tried to hula hoop while walking and singing!”

Why I love them (all): I’m a HUGE theater fan, and Twitter is like crack for anyone interested in the stage. Following actors and shows provides a lot of great behind the scenes content. A really cool moment was getting a reply from the actor who plays Javert after seeing the London production of Les Miserables.


So what are some of your favorite accounts to follow?


Rdio (I can spell, I promise)

About a year ago a little movie called “The Hunger Games” premiered along with its buzzed about soundtrack. I was in California on a work trip at the time and just had to get my hands on a copy. Unfortunately I was not in control of the rental car and decided asking for the keys to go buy a movie soundtrack would be pushing it.

Luckily I happened upon a site called Signing up gets you an allotted chunk of “free music” time, where among other listening options you can rock out to full albums. Their selection is amazing and praise be this site has no commercials (lookin’ at you, Pandora).

Once your free time ends you can still listen to samples of millions of tunes. Rdio is a bit sneaky; they make it seem like you can earn free music every month but really once yours runs out you are S.O.L. Subscriptions for full listening privileges start at $4.99 a month. They also have a pretty cool downloading option which lets you save playlists to your mobile device for when you cannot get service to stream. I’m pretty devoted to my iTunes and am most likely the only person left who still buys actual CDs in store, but I might consider trying this site out down the road.

If anything, I’d recommend giving this a whirl to find some new music. Oh and PS, “The Hunger Games” soundtrack kicks ass.

My Top Five, 3/29/2013

Friday is seriously the best day of the week.  Nothing beats the feeling of “I’ve worked hard all week, dammit, I can relax a bit today!”. A woman got on the elevator this morning at floor 12, asked me to press 13 and sheepishly added she was feeling a bit lazy. I gave her a bright smile and replied it was ok; we all deserve to be a little lazy on Fridays.

In the spirit of the weekend ahead, I’ve made a list of 5 things I am currently obsessed with.

1. DO-The Art Institute: Picasso and Chicago

I grew up going to museums and learning about art, and the natural thing to do when I moved to Chicago was get a membership to the Art Institute. Recently I visited to see the new exhibit “Picasso and Chicago” and my goodness does it deliver. The exhibit will run through May 12th so there is no excuse not to make it there for a look.


2. WEAR-Clinique Chubby Stick in Oversized Orange

I love love LOVE the orange lip trend but unless you work in a specific industry it’s hard to pull off during the day. Enter this gorg shade from the amazing collection of Clinique Chubby Sticks. It’s super sheer which lets you build up the color as much as you like, and doubles as lip balm. Winning.


3. LISTEN-The Sleigh Bells, Treats

This is completely unlike any kind of music I listen to but I’m a huge fan. “Crown on the Ground” is my new treadmill jam and “Rill Rill” feels like the perfect commuting home song after a long day.

4. DRINK-Argo Tea Iced Earl Grey

If I’m not drinking water I’m having iced tea (unsweetened or bust), and this is by far the best I’ve had. The flavor basically hugs your mouth with every sip. This pairs especially nice with one of Argo’s pistachio macaroons.

5. MAKE-Rosie’s Roast Chicken

Rosie “The Londoner” manages to be ridiculously glamorous, relatable and practical in every post she writes. Her lifestyle blog is one of my top 5 websites and is so inspiring. Her roast chicken recipe is insanely good and has become a staple in my cooking. And the cherry on top is how easy this is to make! I’m planning on serving this for Easter dinner along with a sweet potato casserole and spring salad.


My nails today are Orly ‘Lemonade’ with China Glaze’s ‘Angel Wings’ as an overlay. I just had to pick something pastel for Easter!

Double Feature

My coworker told me about a phrase one of her old managers used to use. At the end (or sometimes at the beginning) of a crappy day he would send out an email with the subject line “BITOA”. This stood for “beer is the only answer” and meant drinks after work were necessary.

Well I’m going to borrow that phrase and make it my own as NPITOA, nail polish is the only answer. Last week was killer and my saving grace was having a little fun with my nails.

First up-Butter London’s ‘British Racing Green’ with ‘All Hail the Queen’ as an accent. When ‘All Hail the Queen’ was released it was unofficially toted as ‘All Hail McQueen’, a spot on salute to Alexander McQueen.


When my polish flaked off the next day (I kid you not; this is why I have a love/hate with Butter) I decided I would switch it up with something crazy bright….

Hellooooo, Arizona!


Zoya ‘Arizona’, a tangerine polish that I am obsessed with. While this will look a lot better with a tan, I’m loving it’s ability to essentially give a middle finger to the cold.

On a sad note, I put a Sponge bob band-aid on my thumb last night and in the process of taking it off I ripped a huge patch of polish off my nail. The worst part is I really didn’t need the band-aid; I was just enamored by the design. Therefore don’t be surprised when another polish picture pops up sometime soon!

It’s Technically Spring….

What a lie Chicago. Nothing like looking at my wedge heels and cropped pants every morning with the sad realization it will probably be June before I can wear them.

So hey blog world! As Mon has indicated, we are tired of talking about blogging and ready to start sharing our opinions-one bitchy comment at a time.

I too am sharing my current nails, although they pale in comparison to my roommate. I’m on a Zoya kick lately so here are my “Audrina” nails. Please excuse the dry skin and cuts; the signs of this damn Chicago winter and war wounds from work (oh the life of an auditor).